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Backups: Cloud & On-Premises

What is the 3-2-1 Rule? (Necessary Starting Point)

    • There should be 3 copies of data
    • On 2 different media
    • With 1 copy being off-site (typically cloud)

Some of the most primitive implementations would have the 3-2-1 Rule as follows:

    • Production data (Copy 1, media 1)
    • Backup data on a networked repository (Copy 2, media 2)
    • Disaster recovery off site (Copy 3, media 3)

Applications and files are critical to businesses and ensuring their continuity is a top priority. Different applications and workloads carry different levels of criticality and need to be protected differently depending on your specific business needs. With workloads covering more platforms that extend past on-premises data into service provider clouds, the public cloud and SaaS based platforms, it’s important to understand how to protect key workloads no matter where they reside.

By breaking down your application workloads into levels of criticality, you can identify which ones need protecting at lower recovery point objectives (RPOs) and how quickly they need to be recovered, which is attached to the recovery time objectives (RTOs).

We can help identify these workloads and use the latest technology to provide the level of coverage needed. Contact us today!

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

eBook: 4 Reasons CEOs Should Care about BCDR

Ransomware Trends

When it comes to disaster recovery (DR) preparedness, having a DR plan was traditionally only available to a few companies due to the cost of expertise, secondary datacenters and the testing and planning resources required. Now, with the wide accessibility of cloud technology, companies can affordably achieve their desired outcomes without investing in a second datacenter or credentialed staff to execute their plans. When it comes to disasters like hardware failures, fires and floods, companies of all sizes seek DR-as-a-Service to ensure that their business continuity and recovery objectives are met.

Business owners like yourself deserve peace of mind knowing your environment and infrastructure is being effectively and efficiently managed with the latest technology. Too often we find business with misconfigured backup solutions.

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